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With a vibrant Saudi economy and strong growth across the region, the outlook for Batic looks brighter than ever and we invite all our customers, business partners, investors, shareholders, and employees to join us on our journey toward the next 30 years.



Logistics is at the center of Vision 2030 as a way to cement the country’s position at the crossroads of important international trade routes, between Asia, Europe and Africa and build a unique regional logistics hub. BATIC is fully aligned with these goals.

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BATIC company for investments and logistic services was established in 1984. It became a joint stock company in 1991. It is considered as one of the first Saudi joint stock companies specialized in investment and logistic services. As a limited liability company with a modest land transport fleet and a humble vision within the trucking business. After initial success and growth; the company was renamed BATIC to match the aspirations of its main shareholders and board of directors. Committed to continued growth, the company is integrating many state-of-the-arts processes, like GPS tracking and advanced ERP system, to further streamline the customer experience.

Following a complete corporate restructuring in the first quarter of 2012, BATIC is establishing and implementing a number of best-practice corporate governance measures to ensure transparency, accountability, and to serve the needs of our investors and shareholders.

BATIC has received many awards and recognitions for its services to the private and government sectors, including those from Dariyyah Palace, HRH Prince Salman bin Abdul Aziz, The Islamic Development Bank, Ministry of Interior and many others. The company continues to strive to meet its stakeholders high expectations at all time.

Our Vision

Be the Pioneer and preferred partner in the Integrated Logistics and Security Solutions Industry in the Middle East

Our Mission

To Maximize stakeholder’s value by investing in quality companies through our commitment to growth and innovation









BATIC’s Strategy Align with Vision 2030





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