The hotline provides a safe and confidential way for anyone to report suspected fraud, unethical conduct, or business irregularities related to BATIC business.
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If You Notice Any Violation,
Report It !

What to Report ?

Failure to comply with or improperly apply internal control policies, regulations and rules.
Fraud (including waste, concealment or destruction of official documents).
Non-disclosure of conflict of interest cases.
Disclosure of confidential information in an illegal manner.
Illegal behaviors, bribery and corruption.
Criminal offences.
Discrimination on the basis of sex, race, disability or age.
Violation of the rules of the Code of Conduct.
Violation of Saudi financial rules.
Breach of any domestic legal, legislative or regulatory requirements that endanger health or environmental integrity
Please use the channel below that is most comfortable for you.


Email :


You can directly fill the form.

When Filling “Hotline” please provide the following:

Details of the violation.
Any other information related to the violation
Date, time, place of the incident and where it occurred (if possible).
Names of all individuals involved (if possible)

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